Jira Issue Types: Hierarchy & Examples

In the early days of personal computing, my generation used to spend a lot of time organizing our digital desktops.

Some undertook this endeavor to maintain a sense of order, while others were driven by the irresistible urge to satisfy their OCDs and appease their inner perfectionist. 

Regardless of the motivation, the practice of tidying up our virtual workspace mirrored the innate human desire for structure and clarity in our surroundings.

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Iterative Product Development Process With Examples

It is September 23, 1999.

A day marked by a mix of anticipation and apprehension in the world of space exploration. NASA’s robotic space probe, launched to study Mars’ atmosphere and climate, is set to enter orbit around the Red Planet. 

The Mars Climate Orbiter mission, costing $327.6 million, would help gain a significant step in our understanding of Mars.

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Product Roadmap Presentation: 6 Examples Included Templates

Simon Sinek’s rise to fame is marked by his unwavering determination to challenge conventional thinking.

He consistently questions corporate practices and fearlessly presents bold opinions that disrupt the status quo.

In his book “Start with Why”, Simon Sinek boldly claims that the ‘Why’ behind your actions matters more than the ‘What’. This principle isn’t limited to leadership or personal motivation; it extends to every facet of the business, including product roadmaps.

Product roadmaps transcend mere slides or visuals; they serve as the linchpin for strategically aligning internal teams and external stakeholders with the product vision and strategy.

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