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Why Choosing a Platform for VR and AR Software Matters

Much like many modern technologies, virtual reality, and augmented reality were first encountered in sci-fi movies dating back several decades ago. Despite the small number of initial sources, every VR or AR platform developer took a different route. This is something that arose from the need for differentiation. Diversity is always a good thing, as it increases the chances of meeting the different needs of different people.

There’s also a great number of applications, a fact that makes choosing the right technology and the right platform even more important.

Communication itself is a challenging topic within organizations.

In the context of change, companies should pay particular attention to who delivers what messages when. By having a clearly planned communication strategy, change leaders are able to facilitate organizational transformation. The entire process happens in a context where everyone understands why change is necessary and what role they play in it.

It’s often very difficult to please everyone with the chosen style and channels. As change cannot happen without communication, it’s even more important to control who delivers what messages when.

Coming up with a communication plan to support change is a lengthy, sustained effort. At the end of it, all departments affected by the change will have access to the information they need. With that data at hand, they can then be a knowledgeable part of the transformation.

Teaming up with customers to accelerate R&D has become a common practice in many industries. An additional effect is that by consulting consumers in the product development phase, companies are able to meet their expectations. By doing so, companies save the time and resources that would otherwise be spent on developing rarely or never used features.

Such mutually beneficial partnerships can help companies stay competitive in a global market that’s more challenging with each passing day.

Agile, both as a methodology and a mindset, can accelerate growth by increasing quality and speed to market. In addition, it can dramatically improve workflows. But what about innovation? Can agile methods foster innovation as well?

Company-wide adoption is recommended for taking full advantage of this way of building digital products. Basically, everyone from developers to the C-suite should rely on agile techniques in all of their endeavours.

Usersnap delivers annotated screenshots of the current browser’s content – directly to your favorite project management or bug tracking tool like Basecamp, Trac or Axosoft’s Ontime. If you are already familiar with Usersnap’s basic features, you will be surprised about the following configuration tricks which cover specific use cases.

In this blog post we present three solutions for specific challenges our customers had in the last time.

Create a custom feedback button matching your web design

A lot of our customers asked us whether it is possible to use a custom styled feedback button. Whereas the label of the Usersnap feedback button can be modified easily, it’s also quite simple to craft a custom feedback button which matches your design prerequisites. In the example below, we demonstrate how to style your very own feedback element. Roll up your sleeves, as we’ll unleash our inner web designer, creating a custom feedback button!

The idea here is to hide the default button and set up a different method to invoke the widget. We’re using

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