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Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions.

Listen to your users from the start.

Arrive at smarter product decisions

Most companies lack an in-depth understanding of their customers. That’s why product decisions are often based on lucky guesses or gut feelings. That is an expansive way to operate a business! Only your users have the answers. We help you to start listening.

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Feedback never sounded so clear

Capturing feedback is incredibly easy. By using visual feedback and an intuitive toolbar, your customers can show you why and where they are struggling in your digital experience.

Besides that, we are making feedback fun for everyone and embrace a cultural change. Sharing it with your team makes sure that feedback is being followed.

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Measuring success

Customer satisfaction has always been vital to the health and growth of a business. Since only happy customers are loyal customers, it is essential to know how they feel when interacting with your products continually.

Whether it is measured through NPS, CSAT or CES, we help to implement it as a key performance indicator (KPI) in your business on a day-to-day basis.

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Our customers are happier

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