feedback widget for bug tracking & feedback

Collect user
feedback and bugs

with the feedback widget from Usersnap

The most personal feedback widget

It's the most personal user feedback widget. With different widget themes available to match your website's corporate identity.

It all starts with the feedback widget. Customized to fit on your web app or website, you’ll feel like it’s always been there. Place the feedback widget anywhere and let your users reach out anytime.

feedback widget from Usersnap feedback widget from Usersnap feedback widget from Usersnap
point and click bug tracking with the user feedback widget from Usersnap

Point & click bug tracking. In your browser.

Pick the right tool to point out every issue. Annotating bugs and change requests were never easier.

See what your users see. You'll get a browser screenshot of what your user sees. No plugins required. See browser-specific issues immediately.

Set up your user feedback process

With no technical knowledge needed, you can install your feedback widget in a matter of minutes. You have full control of bug reports, screenshots and user feedback.

You can also Implement a JavaScript feedback widget on your website or make use of available plugins for leading content management systems.

feedback widget for websites plugins
client side error recording tool usersnap

Client-side error recording

Your visitors don't care about Javascript errors, but your developers do. We record Javascript errors as they happen, along with a host of other information needed for fast bug reproduction and debugging.

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