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Companies building products based customer feedback are 85% more likely to grow and succeed. Listen to your customers and make feedback matter.

Collect feedback and ratings to measure customer experience and refine customer journey
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Understand your customers

Measure Customer Loyalty with NPS

Learn how much your customers love your product and would recommend it. Net Promoter Score offers a way to get a trend on customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Customer Satisfaction rating

Do you have a problem with your customers' satisfaction? This can hurt your brand and revenue. Keep an eye on this KPIs without effort. Make the hurdle to start giving feedback for your customers as easy and as clear as possible.

Listen to qualitative feedback

Ask open-follow-up questions

This is the secret sauce of feedback. Listen to your users and learn what they are saying. Pain points, Issues and ambassadors. Everything can be unlocked by a simple question.

Create your own survey questions

Asking the right questions at the right moment unlocks the true potential of feedback. Catch your customers with their true intention.

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Usersnap is mobile responsive

Widget for customer feedback

NPS, CSAT, CES - collect customer feedback

Customizable feedback button

Add a feedback button into your digital product or website in minutes. Collect feedback and issues from your customers. With the button customizer you can adapt it to your brand.

Branded feedback widget

Customize your widget the way you need it. Ask users to categorize their feedback, route feedback to the right person.

Unlimited feedback reporters

Have as many users submitting feedback as you need. It can be one or 1,000. Your investment is the same.

Offer your customers choices

Channeling feedback on your site

Visitors came with different intentions to your website and often fail to find the right communication channel. Offer them a clear path how to get in contact with your company.

User Targeting - trigger feedback with the API

Use widget features, JavaScript, Google Tag Manager to target specific user groups. Feedback should be collected after specific activities of your users.

Multi-language support

Meet your users with the language they speak. Usersnap supports major language to collect visual feedback.

Channel your feedback

Collect from mobile users

Usersnap is mobile responsive

Collect on mobile browsers

80 percent of your audience are using mobile devices. Collect customer feedback in their mobile web browsers. Responsive design is fully supported.

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Set it up in minutes

Screenshot in Usersnap CX is easy

Launch in minutes

No technical knowledge needed. Install and setup Usersnap without any developer skills. Just add a few lines of code for your HTML or use Google Tag Manager.

Preview your widget

Test the appearance of your widget before you launch it.

Customer-centricity made easy with Usersnap user feedback and insights tool, see case study with DivvyHQ, Canva and Hawaii Airlines

“Let us find out how to get customer-centricity into your company.”

Luka Kankaras, Product Specialist of Usersnap
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Analyze feedback and improve your products

Analysis of your feedback

Uncover gems in your customer feedback

Have a simple overview what feedback items are coming in and organize them. Uncover hidden gems in customer feedback.

Organize feedback items with labels

Manage and categorize all feedback items with easy-to-use labels. You can create your own labels. You can even organize your product roadmap with labels.

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Learn and make unhappy customers happy

Organize feedback items and recognize patterns

Have different buckets for your feedback for different product features. Organize your feedback and unlock pain points and new potentials.

Closing the feedback loops

Communicate with your users from within Usersnap. Turn unhappy users into happy users by replying to their reported feedback. Receive their answers in a communication timeline.

Usersnap CX - filter with labels

Learn and improve

Usersnap CX - analyze your feedback

Analyze trends with statistics

Choose your specific time period and get a metric for this interval. Recognize changes over time and get an overview how often certain issues are re-appearing.

Understand the sentiments of your users

Words are not enough, you have to get into the psychology of your users to truly understand them. Learn how their sentiments are and what triggered it. Usersnap adds sentiments analysis to each feedback item.

Have your personal overview

Inbox - your individual view on feedback

The Usersnap inbox is the new view on feedback, subscribe to projects which are relevant to you and discover learnings from the feedback of your customers.

Cover a variety of use cases

Have a variety in projects

Projects for different use cases

Create and manage your projects in the Usersnap dashboard. Add QA projects or Customer Feedback projects. Handle their settings, access for your team and archive unused projects if necessary. Handle multiple projects at once.

Archive unused projects

To have a tidy overview on your current projects, you can archive finished or delayed projects.

Enhance your Customer Intelligence

Send to your Customer Service Apps

To make your customer care team more successful, integrate your solutions like Intercom, Jira ServiceDesk, Zendesk with visual feedback.

Connect to 1,000+ integrations via Zapier

Use one of our many other integrations to well-known solutions like Trello, Salesforce, Asana, Redmine, Basecamp and many more.

Notifications keep you up-to-date

Get notified via Slack - Usersnap

Get notified and act promptly

Instant feedback is important for your users to get the feeling you care about their feedback. Browser notifications will keep you up-to-date on what happens in your feedback channel.

Specific workflows for each project

Each project is different. Set up different workflows and enable different integrations for each project in Usersnap.

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Works in an Enterprise environment

Works inside of protected web-apps & sites

Collect feedback and bugs inside of protected websites and web applications. Collect feedback and issues even if you’re users are signed in.

Integrate with WebHooks

If you have an Enterprise solution not supported yet, you can connect Usersnap with your software using Webhooks.

Connect with WebHooks

Additional features

Cloud-based Hosting

Usersnap is cloud-based so you don't have to worry about installation and maintenance. Our clients' businesses have hundreds of millions of page views and Usersnap scales with them. Our hosting centers are ISO 27001 and SOC-2 certified.


Your data and your customers’ data must be safe. We offer a variety of security measurements to be a valuable part of your feedback process. 256-bit SSL protected, 100% GDPR compliant

Usersnap API

Adapt the appearance and functionality to your needs with the powerful Usersnap API for customization.


If you have special requirements for adapting Usersnap in your organization, we offer Enterprise plans, separate SLAs and other payment methods. Just contact us.

Customer Success & Support

Our customer success team is here to help you optimize your outcome with Usersnap while minimizing your time & effort in implementation.

Data Masking & PII

Blackout confidential areas in screenshots automatically, let users remove personal data.

Customer-centricity made easy with Usersnap user feedback and insights tool, see case study with DivvyHQ, Canva and Hawaii Airlines

“Listening and hearing our customers has been a priority for us at DivvyHQ out of the gate. Usersnap has made that priority much easier to maintain”

Tony Stillwell, VP of Customer Experience, DivvyHQ
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