Bug tracking dashboard management

Your bug tracking dashboard

Everything your team needs to manage bugs and feedback.

Search & organize bugs

Organize your bug reports in one place and find the reports, tasks and feedback you need with easy-to-use search queries. The bug tracking dashboard from Usersnap is your central place for your next bug tracking project.


search and organize bug reports dashboard
bug tracking team collaboration

Invite your bug tracking team

Collecting bugs together is way more fun. Add your colleagues to your Usersnap projects and solve bugs faster.

Managing permissions inside Usersnap is easy.

Never miss important bugs and feedback from clients

With browser notifications and available chat integrations you and your team stay up-to-date on new bug reports and important client feedback.

browser notifications bug reports for bug tracking
bug tracking projects

Managing multiple projects is easy.

You can create as many projects as you need.

The Usersnap bug tracking dashboard gives you a great overview on your current tasks and projects.

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