Churn In SaaS And The Best Way To Reduce It

This article will show you how to reduce your SaaS churn by following the proven strategy that we have already successfully implemented. So grab your salted caramel iced mocha, and let’s make you the churn hero of the company.

For us, it all started in 2020, when our monthly SaaS churn rate was 6.22%, more than double our target benchmark (high pressure, you bet). We wanted to become a product-led growth SaaS company, which means user value is consistent. We sat down with the team for preventing customer churn and were able to combine churn analytics with customer feedback to reduce it down to 4.26%. And when we thought we are on the path to success, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to our progress.

A few months later… June 30, 2021, our SaaS churn rate was back at 6.12%. The aimed benchmark was 3%. “Tension” is in the air.

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