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These days being a developer isn’t an easy task. Among all the tasks and challenges you already have to deal with, you need to deal with bugs. And here’s the rub, most of the time bugs, specifically client-side bugs, are submitted by end-users. We see 3 key problems with this:

1: Most Users Are Not Tech Savvy

It’s true and whilst we not say it to them directly, we know it. The user knows something’s wrong, because the website is not working for them, but they don’t know why, how to fix it or how to report it.

Try asking your Grandmother what JavaScript is for example. I’m sure it’d be a short conversation. And some users don’t know what the browser is. So how can they properly describe the problem?

Like a true beer-lover I keep an eye on what is going on with beer startups around me. In Europe. The first stop for a research like that should be my friends, but unfortunately I decided to start by visiting “Craft Beer” category on – It was a disaster. 3 out of 5 statups were with non-existing websites, one of them was hosted at Wix and only one was actually able to give me the information I needed.

Actually I heard about it on just a few minutes before browsing So here is my list and my comments. Feel free to add comments or to add more startups. I’d love to share it with a broader audience.

It all started a few weeks ago when we were having our Friday online standup.

Our Perg team opened a couple of beers to celebrate a really hard week. During this meeting the idea came up – why don’t we create an event where people like us – startupers, can grab a beer (or juice) and share some moments from their week – ideas, troubles, little victories or just get in touch with fellow colleagues.

This is how StartupBeer was born.

Visual Design Thinking (VDT) is an organic and holistic methodology for co-designed and successful visual projects.

#VDT is a balanced mix of:

  • Storytelling
  • Sketching
  • Ethnography
  • Visual design
  • Coding

With a hint of vanilla design and, of course, cinnamon.

In this webinar we are going to open our tool box to develop responsive visual strategies, design user centered projects, services or products respecting both your client and his/her users.


I am not sure how to begin this. We are a team of developers, designers and …well, a team of geeks. We love being part of a crowd and to contribute to the community of people like us.

That’s why we are helping some events this year to be even more awesome and will continue to do so as good as we can.

A ground-shaking festival for Front-end Developers, UI/UX Designers and Web ninjas! If you are brave enough to join as a lightning talk speaker – you will receive a gift from Usersnap. <- That’s us 🙂

Bulgaria Web Summit

At first glance – nothing. These are the names of two of our upcoming live webinars. Yes, Usersap goes live, together with a bunch of awesome people.

How are we different?

Well most of the companies that do webinars are really boring, right? Talking about what is in their heads, without thinking about the rest of the audience.

  1. Our events will not be the salesy stuff you think about when you hear a webinar.
  2. There will be an open Q/A session and you can ask the speakers anything (on the topic)
  3. From time to time even we will do un-conference or BOF sessions, where you can be the presenter.

Not enough?

Join any of our upcoming events and have fun with us and … actually learn something new, not just the “usual” stuff you can find everywhere.

See you!

This article was brought to you by Usersnap – a visual bug tracking and screenshot tool for every web project.

We’ve talked with a lot of people these days in our attempt to help them become more efficient and happy. We want to share our thoughts and knowledge in a series of articles.

What we’ve discovered:

  1. It’s really hard to inspire a change. We realized there are the people acting like trained robots – do step 1, do step 2, use this tool, etc. No fun at work, no change.
  2. Some of the managers don’t care about the effectiveness of their employees. Hard to believe? Are you still using “good old MS Paint” to report problems? Still using tools and tricks from late 90’s, without a change. This is just the top of the iceberg.
  3. Many people are really fed up with all those old techniques they have to use at work. They know there is a better way, because they are doing it at home. Yes, you can spend less time reporting problems, for example, and more time doing something more important.
  4. Oh, there is much more to that and If you are interested in learning more, please sign up from here to be announced. As usual no blah blah, guaranteed.