Still playing email ping-pong with your customers?

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Provide customer support where it's needed.
Inside your product.


What if you knew exactly what your customers want to say?

Customer support is based on verbal communication. But so much gets lost in between words and sentences. We know the problem. That’s why we developed Alpaca. Alpaca lets your customers communicate with screenshots.

Problems can be shown instead of described. And your customers can send and annotate screenshots in their browsers. Alpaca lets you see your customers problems immediately.

The result is: quicker resolve time (MTTR), fast turnaround and fewer tickets.

alpaca inbox
alpaca inbox

Meet your customers where they are. Inside your product.

Alpaca supports you and your customers where you already are: on your own website or application. Customers can report issues on the fly and without heading over to their social media accounts or their inbox.

What people say about Alpaca

Sophia Miller Usersnap

Sophia Miller
Customer Success Manager

usersnap alpaca

I love Alpaca. With screenshots from our customers we are able to respond immediately, and solve customer problems faster. Alpaca makes our customers are happier, and our support teams faster.

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Alpaca is currently in private beta. Come and join us. The grass really is greener on the other side of the herd.