Still playing email ping-pong with your customers?

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It takes a lot of emails to solve a simple problem.

Provide customer support where it's needed.
Inside your product.


Alpaca is your central place to organize customer requests

See incoming and assigned customer requests immediately. Communicate visually and solve problems in less time together with your team. No endless email conversations ever again.

alpaca inbox
alpaca inbox

Get screenshots from your customers and understand problems immediately

In-app support makes it easy for your customers to find you. Solve problems by sharing screenshots and skip playing email ping-pong. Easy annotation with virtual pens make it fun for your customers to get in touch. Your customers are already there - start a conversation.

Turn your FAQ page into a chatbot

Alpaca provides an AI-assisted chatbot based on your FAQ page. Basic questions answered by your chatbot, allowing you to provide customer support 24/7. (Alpaca Chatbot coming soon)

alpaca bot

What people say about Alpaca

Wendelin Amtmann, CEO at ChillBill

Wendelin Amtmann

chillbill alpaca

Since we switched to Alpaca, we are able to communicate better and more effectively with potential customers. Questions are answered immediately within the Alpaca messenger which has a significant impact on our sign-up rate on our website.

Besides that, we simply love its design and name. Who doesn't like Alpacas?

Get early access!

Alpaca is currently in private beta. Come and join us. The grass really is greener on the other side of the herd.

Frequently asked questions

What does pricing for Alpaca look like?
Alpaca is currently in public beta. Therefore you can use Alpaca for free right now. This will change as soon as Alpaca goes live. If you sign up now, you'll be part of our early adopter program entitling you to lifetime discounts.

How long will Alpaca be in beta?
Public beta will be open until the end of January. With your feedback and the release of constant new features, we aim to provide the best possible customer support solution.

How can I stay updated?
If you sign up for an Alpaca account, you'll receive updates on Alpaca via email.