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Quick issue reporting template

Enhance issue reporting with a quick and efficient template, allowing users to share their experiences through direct screenshots with annotations. Gain clear insights into user issues, with essential metadata attached, streamlining the process of reporting and handling problems like never before. Simplify issue resolution and elevate user satisfaction with our quick issue reporting template.

Quick issue reporting

Product teams

looking to know which issues impact users now


needing to know the problems users face

Customer Support Teams

aiming to reduce the difficulty and time of communication

What problem does a quick issue reporting template solve?

Cut through the back-and-forth between users and your team. Save time triaging issues in the development lifecycle through clearer issue reports.

What can be done with the feedback after?

Share specific issues with stakeholders to truly act on user pain points. Tag your team members, copy feedback links, or send the issue reports through integrations.

Respond to customers directly in Usersnap: close the loop with good news that their issue has been fixed, and that you’re listening to users to keep them satisfied.

Visit the statistics page to view the time to resolution. Keep an eye on the month on month trends and see if the number of issues goes down over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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