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User Acceptance Test is an essential step of your web development to deliver high quality and finish your projects faster. Make it easy with visual user feedbacks via screenshots, screen-recording & comments in the browser.

User Acceptance Testing Tool - Usersnap

User Acceptance Testing

is the process of verifying that a web project works for the user. And the user is the one who pays for your solution.

Let your users create screenshots of their browser, adding comments live and draw on them. Or record a flow on their screen. It is the simplest way to get valuable feedback from your testers. And all within your browser without extensions.

User Acceptance Testing with Usersnap


Happy Usersnap customers

Get Bugs Reported Visually

Bug reporting where it happens, directly in your browser. Offer your users an easy tool for sending in bugs and feedback without further explanation.

No back & forth in bug issue conversations for your developers ever again.

How Usersnap works for digital agencies
Annotated screenshots

Screenshots & Screen-Recording real-time

Let your testers add comments, annotations and even draw on your websites or in your web applications and give their feedback as it happens. It's so easy, you don't even have to explain how it works.

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Our customer: Onshape

To sum it up, Usersnap has set new standard in how we collect feedback from our users.

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Onshape screenshot
Jira Usersnap integration

User Acceptance Testing Integrated into Jira

Connect Usersnap with Jira Software and receive commented screenshots in your Jira every time a bug report or feedback is created with Usersnap. You can also connect 2,000 other solutions.

Bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

Get all browser context

Receive context data like screen resolution, browser, operating system, location automatically added to your bug report.

Save your developers' time for not asking your testers in the user acceptance testing process.

All context info
Usersnap integrations

Install in minutes and integrate within your existing workflow

Embed the feedback widget on your website. Connect Usersnap to your favourite tool.

Receive feedback and visual bug reports
in Jira, Basecamp, Asana or Slack.

No emails, no PDFs.
Finish projects faster.

Try it, it’s free, no credit card.

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