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HEART framework survey template

The HEART framework is an acronym that stands for Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task success. It consists of these five key metrics, each of which provides insights into different aspects of the user experience. It’s a framework developed by Google’s team to make communication about UX with the wider product team easy.

About the HEART survey template

This five part survey template corresponds to the five HEART metrics. Each part is a simple question, sometimes with a conditional follow-up question, to explore how the users perceive their experience.

The HEART survey provides direct insights of what users think, it is also important to match the qualitative data with quantitative product usage, such as engagement time, adoption percentage, retention ratio, and task completion rate.

You can and should adjust the survey to your specific product, and minimize the survey questions as well. However, you always need to be “happy” because the happiness signal need direct input from your users, unlike the other four metrics which you can use the measurements from product’s behavioral data.

Google HEART framework survey

The HEART framework helps product teams evaluate the user experience, and monitor the impact from the changes made to the product or service. Pay attention to the selection of your target audience, whether it’s for the survey series or just an individual micro survey. Here are some ideas:

General users before and after a product improvement

The low engagement uer segment that you wish to retain more of

Consistently monitor the happiness of users with one micro survey

What questions to ask on the HEART survey?

  • Happiness: How satisfied are you with [product] now?
  • Engagement: How frequently do you use [product]?
  • Adoption: Which of the following features have you used in [product]?
  • Retention: Have you ever stopped using [product] for a period of time?
  • Task success: When using [product], how easy is it for you to accomplish your intended tasks?
“It’s hard to to understand UX, but the HEART framework gauges with key qualitative and quantitative metrics to analyze product performance.”

Rohit Verma, Product Manager at Angel One and curator of 100+ Product Management Tools

What can be done with the feedback after?

The happiness metric is about user satisfaction, calculating an average satisfaction score by summing up all the scores and divide by the total number of responses over a certain time range. Compare the score collected on different product features or user segments.

Usersnap’s project insights dashboards show score calculations and charts of the survey answers with a time range filter. The data can also be exported or connected to data analysis visualization tools, such as Power BI.

Use these insights to inform your product development strategy. For instance, you would prioritize improving a certain feature when the HEART scores are lower for it. Continuing to provide features that resonate with users and engaging content.

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