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Jobs-to-be-done survey templates

Understanding the Jobs-to-Be-Done is the cornerstone of successful product design and delivery. It shifts our perspective from “what we offer” to “what our customers need”. By using these micro-surveys, you're stepping into your customers' shoes, gaining critical insights that allow you to tailor your services to their unique challenges and needs.

About this JTBD survey template

This series of micro surveys is a strategic tool for understanding the correlation between users’ Jobs-to-Be-Done, customer needs, demographics, and the success or failure of users. By distinguishing these elements, you can identify and focus on the most impactful factors driving user success, allowing you to tailor your product, service, or solution accordingly.

Ultimately, this nuanced understanding facilitates targeted development and marketing efforts, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

Jobs-to-be-done survey templates

You want to survey those "in charge" of the customer journey, and deliver after successful product activation or onboarding. For many product, there is someone that makes the decision, and the JTBD research is to find out why they made such a decision.

Account holders

Decision makers

Trial participants

What questions to ask on a pricing micro survey?

  • Can you list the three most important tasks or "jobs" you typically need to accomplish using [product]?
  • Can you describe any challenges or difficulties you encounter when trying to accomplish these tasks?
  • Prior to using [product], what solutions or tools were you using to perform the tasks you listed above?
  • What features made you purchase [product]?
  • What are the main reasons you decided to switch to [product]?
  • Are there specific tasks where you feel [product] performs better than the previous solutions you used? Please describe.
  • Are there specific tasks where you feel [product] performs less effectively than the previous solutions you used? Please describe.
“A deep understanding of your customers' jobs isn't just nice to have, it's the foundation of competitive advantage and sustainable growth.”

Aggelos Mousakitis, Customer-Led Growth Advisor and Author of “Master of JTBD Interviews”

What can be done with the feedback after?

Take the answers of the JTBD surveys and analyze them with your users’ demographics, persona, and product usage success or failure. With this exercise, you will understand which “jobs”, needs, and problems are associate with the successful users within your platform.

For further insights, doing user interviews would be beneficial, ask questions such as “How does [product] integrate with your daily workflow?” or “Can you describe a task that [product] does not support but you wish it did?” to uncover a holistic overview of your users jobs. Usersnap’s interview invitation widget is handy for collecting interview participants after users have responded to the micro surveys.

Know how satisfied and loyal your users are to your product is also important to analyze how well you serve their JTBDs. Follow up with NPS surveys and satisfaction scale surveys to enhance your knowledge about your users.

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