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Churn survey template

Optimize Customer Retention with our Churn Survey Template: Don't miss out on valuable insights when customers leave! Implement churn survey questions to capture feedback before they go. Utilize the results over time to enhance product offerings and boost customer retention rates effectively.

Churn survey

Startup founders

looking to validate a new product solution hypothesis

Product teams

with a desire to define the value proposition to follow a focused strategy

Customer success teams

that aim to help customers achieve their goals in the product

What problem does a churn survey template solve?

This customer retention questionnaire lets you get clear insights why customers are deciding to leave, before it is too late. See patterns over time in the answers, and drill down with their reasons before churning.

What can be done with the feedback after?

Visit the statistics page to view the survey results. Keep an eye on the month on month trends and see if your improvements are valued by your customers!

Share specific feedback with stakeholders to really act on customer pain points. Tag your team members, copy feedback link, or send through integrations.

If not already in place, label previous negative feedback before the survey was sent to know exactly how many customers mentioned similar experiences in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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