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florian dorfbauer usersnap
Florian Dorfbauer | CEO

Florian is an entrepreneur, scientist, lecturer and former sound engineer. Building great products and finding their sweet spot is what drives him. Happy camper when he has his coffee, gum and a stable internet connection.

josef trauner usersnap
Josef Trauner | CPO

Master in computer science and happy entrepreneur since 2006. Loves to build products and software which improves others' businesses. Josef is one of those guys who loves fast cars, hot barbecue and delicious italian food!

robert aistleitner
Robert Aistleitner | VP of Engineering

Friend of neat computer architecture and efficient implementations. Master's degree in computer science. Volunteer firefighter at the best fire brigade in the world. Totally into mountain biking at the moment. Meet Robert.

tomislav zorcec
Tomislav Zorčec | Developer

Passionate about new technologies and still not accepting the fact that he is not able to know everything. He loves his job and cannot imagine doing something else. He also loves to try new foods and cook if somebody else will clean the dishes after him.

martin sereinig
Martin Sereinig | Developer

Martin holds a Master's degree in Media Informatics and admires simple solutions for difficult problems. He enjoys his gigantic headphones, coffee, running and podcasts. And he has seen all episodes of Columbo at least three times.

thomas peham usersnap
Thomas Peham | Head of Growth

Thomas is a marketer and expert in media management. His passion is all about inbound & content marketing. Besides that, he is a semi-professional blogger, amateur football player and hobby photographer.

rebecca vogels usersnap
Rebecca Vogels | Head of Marketing Communications

Rebecca is a marketer, media addict, and avid reader. She loves to talk about everything related to content marketing and Growth Hacks. Rebecca is passionate about writing, podcasting, and Vietnamese Pho.

haydee capco usersnap
Haydee Capco | Customer Success

Master of Science in innovation and product management. Interested in ideas and products that delight the customer and make life easier, not crazier. Haydee loves singing in the car while driving because nobody can hear. Meet Haydee.

christina kasper usersnap
Christina Kasper | Customer Success

Christina has a degree in Software Engineering but also loves to improve her skills in Chinese Medicine. In her free time she likes to do sports and traveling the world with her family in their 4x4 camper.

sophia miller usersnap
Sophia Miller | Customer Success

Having studied International Business, Sophia has traveled the world, and speaks 5 languages. Her sunny Californian temper is highly appreciated by Usersnapians, as well as our customers.

andreas neuhauser usersnap
Andreas Neuhauser | Sales

Andreas is a sales manager and former full-stack developer. His passion is all about creating sustainable win-win business solutions. Besides that he loves crossfit and reading books. Andreas studied business informatics and is a NASA International Space Camp alumni.

tobias zucali usersnap
Tobias Zucali | UI/UX Designer

Tobias attended art school where he studied design. Since 2008 he's working as a professional UX designer and UI programmer for large-scale web apps. Tobias loves his wife and children, and spends his spare time cooking, reading, and climbing.

romana lechner usersnap
Romana Lechner | Developer

Romana is currently studying business informatics and excited to gain experience working in a startup, always curious to learn something new. In her leisure time she loves to play beach volleyball in summer, and squash in winter.

alexander eckmaier usersnap
Alexander Eckmaier | Developer

Alex is currently finishing his Master's degree in Business Informatics. He is highly passionate about tech startups, music, sports, and the English language. While playing guitar, traveling, and building up international friendships rank high, he would really love to see penguins in their natural habitat.

benedikt reiter usersnap
Benedikt Reiter | UI/UX Designer

Loves to create nice-looking and customer friendly interfaces. Always keeps up with latest web trends. He is really into music, movies and photography. Currently studying at the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz.

erik bovee usersnap
Erik Bovee | VP Business Dev.

Erik runs Usersnap's US operations. Erik is an avid writer and a reformed academic. He enjoys neuroscience, statistics, history and Austrian wine. He has no demonstrable technical qualifications, but can still write 6502 assembly when required.

usersnap team

We love Usersnap and we are dedicated to seeing it flourish. We are a group of smart, passionate, and productive makers.

usersnap team

We’re always looking to move Usersnap forward. With that comes a slew of fun, frustrating, and ultimately rewarding problems to solve.

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We are a glorious team of doers who believe in our goal to build a long-lasting tech company and a product that re-thinks communication in web projects.

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We work on interesting problems with passionate people and awesome customers. We are always covering new ground and surprising ourselves with what we accomplish.

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