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Usersnap is the right fit for you to achieve a bug-free & feature-complete product. Build with greater speed and adoption.

Your agile development process is admirable. For you, capturing the exact context of bugs and usability issues from internal testing or real-life users is essential. We understand that you really care about the quality of your product.

However, your team is missing a smart tool to communicate UI/UX issues efficiently. They don't fully understand customer problems because they don't directly see and hear the errors and feedback. It's hard to be customer-centric if the product development teams are stuck in a silo.

But hey! Don’t get discouraged. In many companies, Excel is still the main bug tracker tool because they didn't even think to look into other options. So well done you little explorer!

Why is Usersnap a good partner tool?

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Listening to what customers have to say about your product is an inherent part of being customer-centric. It's tough to know how you can improve if you don't have a system to collect customer feedback consistently.

Add a feedback button and menu to your website within 10 minutes. Set up and customize the widget design, screenshot/video and annotation tools, feedback form fields all with zero code. Allow your team to focus on your software.

Usersnap integrates with 50+ popular SaaS tools, such as Jira, GitHub, Zendesk, so you can connect your teams seamlessly. Or assign the right teammate to receive the feedback and reply to the customer on Usersnap's dashboard.

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"Will my users bother to send in feedback?" If that is your concern, then 🤣🤣🤣

The simplicity and intuitive design is the top reason why companies choose Usersnap as a partner. The widget works in-browser and in native environments.

Users can just drag their cursor to highlight the bug and hit send. The feedback form does not require many input fields as the metadata is recorded automatically.

Try it yourself with the feedback button you see on our website now.

Plus you can get started with a free trial and no credit card is needed!

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Besides helping you with visual bug reporting, you can also streamline tracking general feedback, ratings, and feature requests all via Usersnap.

It's the one platform for you to access user insights easily and make the right product decisions.

But don't just take our words for it, here's what our partners said:

"Usersnap allows us to get feedback more often and more precise ever since we adopted it. This really helps us to iterate faster on our product." - Joscha Feth, Technical Lead at Canva.

Make bug report visual & easy. Fix issues faster.

Add Usersnap to your workflow today. Empower your team with visual feedback.

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