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Measure customer satisfaction

Get Ratings & Qualitative Feedback

Use NPS, CSAT, CES and binary rating systems to measure customer happiness. Follow up with a dynamic open-ended question to understand "why" customers think this way.

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 NPS collector tool with ready-to-use statistic reports
 Increase customer engagement with flexible triggered feedback forms

Increase Customer Engagement

Flexible triggers allowing you to ask feedback at the right moment will boost response rate. Customize the widget to fit your branding and theme.

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Gain Insights to Highlights & Trends

Relevant statistics for you to quickly grasp customers' needs and evaluate your efforts. Knowing when and how to change will lead you to success.

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Getting all the actionable insights - Usersnap
Manage customer feedback and respond directly to close the loop with Usersnap Inbox

Respond to Feedback Easily

Close the feedback loop by replying to customers or other actions directly in the feedback inbox. Less hassle on management, more time for growth.

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1,500+ integrations to bring feedback
into your process

Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Slack
Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Zapier and 1000+ tools
Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Zendesk
Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Jira Software
Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Jira Service Desk
Service desk
Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Intercom
Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Asana
Integrate Usersnap customer feedback with Hubspot via Zapier
Customer-centricity made easy with Usersnap user feedback and insights tool, see case study with DivvyHQ, Canva and Hawaii Airlines

“Listening and hearing our customers has been a priority for us at DivvyHQ out of the gate. Usersnap has made that priority much easier to maintain”`

Tony Stillwell, VP of Customer Experience, DivvyHQ
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