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Product-market fit (PMF) survey template

Gain Product-Market Fit with our PMF Survey Template: Discover how your product resonates with customers. Our PMF survey questions reveal how customers would feel if your product ceased to exist. If over 40% express "very disappointed," congratulations! Your product has achieved the product-market fit score and is well on its way to gaining traction.

Product-market fit (PMF) survey

Product teams

defining the value proposition to follow a focused strategy

Startup founders

enhancing product experiences and feature adoption

Growth marketers

building target personas to generate new leads

What problem does a product-market fit template solve?

Product-market fit survey questions help you learn a lot from existing customers. How much do they depend on the product offering?What value do loyal customers get out of your product? Is your product satisfying current demand? Are there competitors out there who also satisfy demand? A PMF score of 40% or higher who are “very disappointed” means the product is valued enough for a clear customer need.

What can be done with the feedback after?

Visit the statistics page to view the PMF survey results. Send routinely product-market fit questions, and keep an eye on the month on month trends. You’ll be able to see if your improvements are valued by your customers!

Share specific feedback with stakeholders to really act on customer pain points. Tag your team members, copy feedback link, or send through integrations.

Respond to customers directly through Usersnap. After they’ve taken the product-market fit questionnaire, close the loop with good news that their feedback has been implemented. Invite them to a user interview call, or ask for a public review if they are happy and satisfied.

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