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Josef Trauner, Usersnap, head of development

Josef Trauner


Master in computer science and happy entrepreneur since 2006. Loves to build products and software which improves others' businesses. Josef is one of those guys who loves fast cars, hot barbecue and delicious Italian food!
Haymo Meran, Usersnap, head of product

Haymo Meran

Head of product, CPO

Haymo loves to work with engaged teams on products that matter. He is curious by nature and seeks to understand all and everything. Before Usersnap, he was working as a manager at Atlassian, after they acquired his deep tech company.
Klaus-M. Schremser, Usersnap, head of growth

Klaus-M. Schremser

Head of Growth, cMO

Klaus-M. is striving for growing the company. His energy is either pouring into campaigns or into his second passion: triathlon. He loves to get to know new people and life-long learning is one of his goals.

Christina Kasper, Usersnap, product manager

Christina Kasper

Product manager

Christina has a degree in Software Engineering but also loves to improve her skills in Chinese Medicine. In her free time she likes to do sports and is traveling the world with her family in their 4x4 camper.
Luka Kanaras, Usersnap, sales dev rep

Luka Kankaras

SALES PRODUCT specialist

A passion for helping people solving their problems makes him jump out of bed. He has a master’s degree in management and comes from the SaaS world. Luka is also a fitness lover and a food-a-holic, never leave him alone with pizza or cookies.
Martin Sereinig, Usersnap, senior developer

Martin Sereinig

Head of Engineering, CTO

Martin holds a Master's degree in Media Informatics and admires simple solutions for difficult problems. He enjoys his gigantic headphones, coffee, running and podcasts. And he has seen all episodes of Columbo at least 3x.
Liron Ross, Usersnap, UX/UI Designer

Liron Ross


Liron found his way from to us. Beside being an amazing designer, who moves Usersnap to the next level in terms of UI, he's also a great chef. His long-time travels around the globe brought some fantastic stories to Usersnap.
Yu-Han Chen, Usersnap, Customer Success

Yu-Han Chen

Customer Success

Yu-Han means the essence of jade in Mandarin Chinese. She has experienced the lifestyle of Taiwan, the US, Spain and Austria. Her career path was diverse going through project management, international sales and finally, she found her passion in helping customer to add value.
Ashley Cheng, Usersnap, digital marketer

Ashley Cheng

Product marketer

Ashley is a driven digital marketer and holds customer experience close to the heart. She crafts our content carefully before sending the Usersnap messages into the wild. Beside this passion, she is a lifestyle traveler, who has visited, lived and worked in many countries.
Angel Senra, Usersnap, developer

Angel Senra

software engineer

Originally from Spain, Angel comes from the video streaming world. His day routine consists of programming, reading and watching videos. The extra time is filled with eating, walking and thinking. No sleeping allowed.
William Perlmutter, Usersnap, digital marketing

William Perlmutter


William is a passionate digital and content marketer. Coming from the USA and having lived in a few countries, he brings experience, as well as a positive and ambitious attitude to the team. In his spare time, he is playing music and dabbling in coffee science.
Andra Coros, Usersnap, growth strategist

Andra Coros

Growth strategist

Andra is not only an experienced Growth Marketer with a demonstrated history of growing business, she loves what she does. Her energy and positive attitude is nurtured by her regular Yoga exercises.
Jack Gluskin, Usersnap Engineer

Jack Gluskin

Software engineer

Jack has been gradually moving through the Europe: born in Russia, studied in Poland, working in Austria. He enjoys programming, tennis and watching the same TV series all over again. Whatever you can do he can do with JavaScript.
Arthur Knaus, Usersnap, Developer

Arthur Knaus

scrum master

Arthur is not only great at developing solutions for the Usersnap interface and riding the Scrum process, but also wins every Karaoke challenge at our Usersnap events. Don't challenge him on this end.
Gaber Setina, Usersnap, developer

Gaber Setina

software engineer

Originally from Slovenia, he studied Mobile Computing. He acquired a lot of knowledge as a web developer working for huge brands. He regularly entertains his neighbours with electric and acoustic guitars.
Janine Rakowitz, Usersnap, finance

Janine Rakowitz

Finance Assistant

Janine likes to handle the Finance topics. She is also interested in human psychology and alternative medicine.
In her free time, she likes doing sports and enjoys family and friends time.
Christoph Haider, Usersnap, developer

Christoph Haider

software engineer

Christoph - better known as Charly - is a developer by heart. He is passionate about music, movies and video games.
In his free time he loves to attend music festivals and doing road trips with friends.

Cristina Mitu, growth product marketer

Cristina Mitu

digital marketer

Cristina loves to help technology companies grow and tell a better story. She can sum up her career in four words: people, trust, change and feedback. Curious as a cat. Friends and Star Wars. She also likes trees, hiking and expressionism
Tomasz Ratowski, Usersnap Engineer

Tomasz Ratowski

Software engineer

Backend developer by heart, loves to see when words typed in text editor are becoming valuable product. In his free time enjoys learning cooking, reading about past and the future and being in nature.
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Thomas Kager, Usersnap Engineer

Thomas Kager

Software engineer

Thomas knows his CLI like the back of his hand. If isn't knee-deep in database queries he likes to clear his mind with some rock climbing, reading or doodling. His hatred for tomatoes burns as brightly has his love for a good challenge.

Our Core Values

Make Feedback Matter

We ask for feedback and actively listen to those who offer it to us. We need our customers and other people’s perspectives in order to thrive. 
Both parties benefit because feedback unlocks change and innovation.

Open Communication

Openness is root level for us. Information is open internally by default and sharing is a first principle. And we understand that speaking your mind requires awareness of what to say, when to say it and how it’s said.

It’s All About the Team

People matter more than anything. We care about those we work with and those we serve. We are all about building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships. We care about results, but not at the expense of people. Everything we do should build trust.

Focus on Results

We always bring our best. It's focused excellence. We are obsessed about quality but with an iterative, fast-paced approach. We finish in time what we promised and started.

Add Value

Change is the only constant. We don't just realize that we enthusiastically embrace and drive ongoing change. We are solution oriented and in all our contributions we improve and we multiply.

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