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It seems that you strive to creating a product or website that exceeds your users’ needs and expectations. You are probably aware that the optimization is the answer to attracting users to your product and enticing them to stick around—but without a plan of action, it can seem overwhelming.

Hey! This is not easy, so don’t get discouraged. Many companies dedicate months, maybe even years, to achieve this. Optimization roadmaps give dev, creative, product, and UX teams the structure they need to design an optimization process while leaving room to adapt to new developments. Good news - with the right mindset and tools, it’s not that hard to excel at optimization.

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A healthy team can not just rely on the leaders, each individual needs to know why customers want this and that, to be able to think purposefully how to add value for the customers.By collecting and sharing customer feedback across the company, this enables teams to look directly at customers problems. Slowly but surely, teams will prioritize customers benefits in making operating decisions.

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There's no better evidence than actual feedback from your users. Collect ratings and improvement ideas on specific features or experiences with Usersnap's in-product targeting micro surveys!

Trigger a 1-question pop-up by URL, email or user event, upon rating the initial question, follow up with an open-ended question to find out the why.

Here's a quote from George Labs, by Erste Group: “How to bring value to the end users is what our product and development teams thrive for. Usersnap helps us get the feedback and evidence we need to keep moving.”

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Being customer centric means understanding the customer's point of view and respecting the customer's interest.

Listening to customers is an inherent part of being customer centric. It's tough to know how to improve the customer experience if you don't have a system for regularly collecting customer feedback. Add a feedback button to your product, and give your customers an easy possibility to submit a bug, suggestion or general feedback whenever they want.

You'll find that customers can help you build a product that other customers love. While they can't singlehandedly steer your development toward innovation, a truly customer-centric company will take advantage of the fact that their customers often know what they want.

There's an even deeper benefit to asking and listening. As you ask for feedback and your customers offer it, you boost your chances of achieving a high customer satisfaction rate.

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