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Usersnap can help you gain confidence in product decisions. Create an impactful roadmap with direct customer requests and in-product surveys.

It looks like your team has great intuition when deciding on what to build next and what's best for the business. However, it seems that you also know that for making the right features, the actual customers needs cannot be excluded.  

Sometimes the company goals may stray away from the dire customer needs and issues, and the first step to fixing this is to understand that the misalignment exists and start working on the desired solution.

But hey! Don’t get discouraged, you are on the right track. Many companies don’t even consider the customer perspective when making decisions. This is dangerous, because without listening to your customers’ problems, you won’t be able to deliver the right solution they need.

Why is Usersnap a good partner tool?

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Listening to what customers have to say about your product is an inherent part of being customer-centric. It's tough to know how you can improve if you don't have a system to collect customer feedback consistently.

Add a feedback button and menu to your website within 10 minutes. Set up and customize the widget design, screenshot/video and annotation tools, feedback form fields all with zero code. Allow your team to focus on your software.

Usersnap integrates with 50+ popular SaaS tools, such as Jira, GitHub, Zendesk, so you can connect your teams seamlessly. Or assign the right teammate to receive the feedback and reply to the customer on Usersnap's dashboard.

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"Will my users bother to send in feedback?" If that is your concern, then 🤣🤣🤣

The simplicity and intuitive design is the top reason why companies choose Usersnap as a partner. The widget works in-browser and in native environments.

Users can just drag their cursor to highlight the bug and hit send. The feedback form does not require many input fields as the metadata is recorded automatically.

Try it yourself with the feedback button you see on our website now.

Plus you can get started with a free trial and no credit card is needed!

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It's hard for non-support team members to put customers first when they never directly interact with customers. That's why many customer-centric companies have adopted the practice of whole company support— having everyone in the company spend time in the support queue helping customers.

Whole company support allows engineering teams to step away from code and hear from people using the product. It also allows marketing teams to encounter objections and become more informed about how customers perceive the product.

The result is a better understanding of how customers think and what issues they are struggling with, which significantly improves customer happiness and loyalty.

Make bug report visual & easy. Fix issues faster.

Add Usersnap to your workflow today. Empower your team with visual feedback.

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