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It seems that your product team, as well as other departments, are very caring to your customers. You work well together to deliver meaningful and creative solutions. Oh yeah, go ahead and drum on your chest to show your excitement!

While the jungle is chaotic and wild, it's easy for your customers to differentiate you as the most friendly and empathetic one - just like the smart and sociable gorillas!

Take advantage of your strengths!

Teamwork is the dreamwork, you and your teams certainly live and breath this motto! To maximize this incredible energy and save time in the back and forth of feedback loops, try to leverage in-app visual communication.

Think screen captures, voice messages, centralized feedback inbox... but all on one platform! Usersnap can also be used for internal feedback exchange, limit the display of the feedback widget to your stakeholders so they can easily send feedback in-product!

Your hunger and curiosity for customer feedback helps to build a strong and trust-worthy relationship with your customers. Make sure when you receive feedback, you take the time to reply to the sender. This small act of gratitude goes a long way!

Here a small tip for you to write a friendly and meaningful reply: let customers know the feedback went into your backlog. And if it's a popular request, tell them that as well! Or you can centralize all the requests to a public upvote board.

Become more customer-centric by trying...

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A collaborative and centralized approach to managing requests and issues can accelerate your speed and quality to meet and exceed customer needs!  

Empower the teams to get on one easy-to-use and versatile customer feedback collection platform. You can interact more in depth with your users and share the insights across the company seamlessly.

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There's no better evidence than actual feedback from your users. Collect ratings and improvement ideas on specific features or experiences with Usersnap's in-product targeting micro surveys!

Trigger a 1-question pop-up by URL, email or user event, upon rating the initial question, follow up with an open-ended question to find out the why.

Here's a quote from George Labs, by Erste Group: “How to bring value to the end users is what our product and development teams thrive for. Usersnap helps us get the feedback and evidence we need to keep moving.”

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In the SaaSy jungle, usability is more important than technology. And it's also harder to master! Send a customer effort score survey like this to gather insights on the likes and dislikes of your customers.

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