Welcome to the buzzing beehive!

It seems that your team have mastered the communication dances! While your queen bee (= the leadership) sets the goals and "mood", they've done a great job in building a collaborative culture and inspiring a highly-driven team.

The beehive is so active and jolly, there’s always something to do and everyone is so supportive! But don’t get too comfortable, it’s healthy and necessary to ask difficult questions and challenge one another from time to time. If you’re afraid to be more aggressive because bees can only sting once, then you may fall behind the hyper innovative and trend-riding competitors.

Take advantage of your strengths!

The expertise and experience from you and your leadership team should be put to greater use! Establish consistent and transparent ways for internal communication and break down the technical tool stack silos for feedback loops.

If you’re thinking Jira for reporting feedback, humph... not quite, what about a tool that can capture screenshots within your web app and write the issue or idea on the page with annotations? Yup, feedback loops can be visual and quick with the right tool!

Bring the teams to the same level of customer and market understanding as the leadership. Leverage their unique insights of the customers needs and democratize that knowledge.

Have quarterly town halls to talk about the target audience, industry trends, and user behaviours. When you lead by example, the way you interact with customers shows your team just how much you really care. As they follow your footsteps, or waggle dance moves, you are steering the company and product to act on meaningful customer problems.

Become more customer-centric by trying...

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A healthy team can not just rely on the leaders, each individual needs to know why customers want this and that, to be able to think purposefully how to add value for the customers.

By collecting and sharing customer feedback across the company, this enables teams to look directly at customers problems. Slowly but surely, teams will prioritize customers benefits in making operating decisions.

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There's no better evidence than actual feedback from your users. Collect ratings and improvement ideas on specific features or experiences with Usersnap's in-product targeting micro surveys!

Trigger a 1-question pop-up by URL, email or user event, upon rating the initial question, follow up with an open-ended question to find out the why.

Here's a quote from George Labs, by Erste Group: “How to bring value to the end users is what our product and development teams thrive for. Usersnap helps us get the feedback and evidence we need to keep moving.”

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In the SaaSy jungle, usability is more important than technology. And it's also harder to master! Send a customer effort score survey like this to gather insights on the likes and dislikes of your customers.

Grow with the clarity of customer feedback.
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