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It looks like your team really knows how to utilize their remarkable senses to sniff out what to build next and what's best for the business. When you howl, the whole pack joins in - when there's an important project, you work together to improve your product and services. Just like the intelligent, devoted but also caring, playful wolves!

Sometimes the company goals may stray away from the dire customer needs and issues, at these times it's up to the whole pack to bring the focus back to the customer experience. Sharing internal feedback and listening to the voice of customers will never go out of style. If you agree, can we get an owooooo?

Take advantage of your strengths!

Teamwork is the dreamwork, you and your teams certainly live and breath this motto! To maximize this incredible energy and save time in the back and forth of feedback loops, try to leverage in-app visual communication.

Think screen captures, voice messages, centralized feedback inbox... but all on one platform! Usersnap can also be used for internal feedback exchange, limit the display of the feedback widget to your stakeholders so they can easily send feedback in-product!

Your hunger and curiosity for customer feedback helps to build a strong and trust-worthy relationship with your customers. Make sure when you receive feedback, you take the time to reply to the sender. This small act of gratitude goes a long way!

Here a small tip for you to write a friendly and meaningful reply: let customers know the feedback went into your backlog. And if it's a popular request, tell them that as well! Or you can centralize all the requests to a public upvote board.

Become more customer-centric by trying...

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A healthy team can not just rely on the leaders, each individual needs to know why customers want this and that, to be able to think purposefully how to add value for the customers.

By collecting and sharing customer feedback across the company, this enables teams to look directly at customers problems. Slowly but surely, teams will prioritize customers benefits in making operating decisions.

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Happy employees, happy customers. When your employees feel heard and respected, they will start caring about the company and customers as much as you do!

Having the right tool to send visual feedback across teams not only increases the communication efficiency, but also gives employees a voice to speak up and feel empowered.

Here's a quote from Dynatrace: “In a global organization with over 2000 employees, an easy to use and streamlined feedback process, such as Usersnap’s tool, is essential to scale up internal feedback exchange.”

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Before launching an epic (or for non-agile folks, a strategic plan to build a set of features) spare a few weeks validating your hypothesis with the power users. Send a pop-up like this, remember it doesn't have to and shouldn't be a lengthy survey. And you'd be surprised how reassuring, or mind-opening, the answers are!

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