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How to Build Products Users Love

What makes a product great? And how can you develop and test products that solve real problems?

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We have asked 6 experts about user testing and product development to bring you cutting-edge ideas, insights, and lessons learned. We talked to:

  • Justin Gallagher, VP of Product at Trello
  • Callie Wheeler, Product Manager at Prezi
  • Miloš Lalić, Head of Product at Typeform
  • Amanda Richardson, VP of Product at HotelTonight
  • Thomas Schranz, Founder & CEO at Blossom
  • Leif Singer, Engagement Wrangler at Automattic


Amanda Richardson

VP of Product
at HotelTonight

Callie Wheeler

Product Manager
at Prezi

Justin Gallagher

VP of Product
at Trello

Leif Singer

Engagement Wrangler
at Automattic

Thomas Schranz

Founder & CEO
at Blossom

Miloš Lalić

Head of Product
at Typeform

What’s Inside

How to plan and optimize user testing

The consumer adoption process

Experience vs. product design

Cognitive psychology 101 for user testing

Popular user testing methods

Best practices from big companies


Usersnap is used to conduct user testing on digital products. Gather visual, qualitative feedback from
users, who can send and annotate screenshots directly from their browsers. That way, feedback can be
shown and does not need to be verbally addressed. It is loved and highly recommended for gathering
feedback from remote users by companies such as Google, Microsoft or Hawaiian Airlines.