Product Trends in 2023:

5 User-Centric Practices
To Gain Product Growth Velocity

User-Centric Product Development & Growth Trend Report 2023 Edition

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What's special about the User-Centric Product report?

It's not the high-level "weather forecast", you will read specific survey results and insights about how product managers distill knowledge of user research and what's essential for creating product stickiness.

User-centricity is more than a catchphrase, it needs to be within your operations. Learn from the 100+ verified product managers about how they enhance bottom-line growth through user-centric development and product strategies.

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About Usersnap

Empower user-centric product teams to get precise and timely user feedback
User Feedback Platform

Empower users to send precise, timely feedback inside your product

  • 20+ templates created for product teams' needs
  • Collaborate on insights within Usersnap or via integrations
  • Scale user feedback loops and testing workflows

Unlock a smarter way to feedback and growth.

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