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How to Turn Customer Feedback into Product Value

Customers represents your brand. And their feedback should be the most important building blocks of your product.

This ebook has been created from extensive research and includes exclusive interviews with product leaders at amazing companies.

Learn how listening to your customers can help unlock product values.

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We Talked To

Bozena Pieniazek, Head of Product Marketing at Typeform
Bozena Pieniazek
Head of Product Marketing at Typeform
Elias Torres, CTO of Drift
Elias Torres
Chief Technology Officer at Drift
Andre Barro, Product manager of MyTaxi
Andre Barro
Product Manager at Free Now (the former MyTaxi)
free now

What You Will Learn

→ How to collect meaningful customer feedback
→ 5 tips on utlizing customer insight for development
→ Case studies on feedback collection
→ Customer-centric leadership
→ Tactics to close the feedback loop
→ Best practices from big companies

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