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CX’er Huddle in the Feedback-Tribe with Adrian Brady-Cesana

Our digital fireside chat with Adrian Brady-Cesana was bombastic. Learn from an experienced CX expert who not only wrote a successful book but hosts a CX podcast on

We are happy and proud to have him in our Feedback Tribe webinar (provided by Usersnap) as a guest to learn hands-on insights on how to optimize customer experience and the importance of CX for your business growth.

About Adrian Brady-Cesana

Adrian worked for many companies in customer service and customer experience teams and helped many successful companies in the US to grow their business. After many years in various startups (RPM Marketing, Property Armor LLC, Simply Travel, Maids of Manhattan, American Buddha Co, WNYCatering, WNYBnB) learning about the various approaches and what works and what not, he built his own business to help companies optimizing their CX strategies.

About CXChronicles

CXChronicles helps multi-million dollar companies to optimize their CX processes. He introduces and educates growth-phase businesses about how to benefit from CX and the four pillars to scale.

U.S. companies lose ~$70B a year due to poor customer experience. It’s worth it.

CX’er Huddle – our digital fireside chat

In this webinar called the “CX’er Huddle in the Feedback Tribe”, we talk with him about his hands-on experiences and relevant lectures for you.

We talk about

  • Why CX is not only a topic for CS (Customer Service).
  • Why it’s not enough to just collect customer feedback
  • How to find out about the experience of your customers.
  • What the difference between CX and UX is.
  • What are important CX metrics.

Apart from that, we dive a bit into his successful book “The 4 pillars of Customer Experience” and the 4 pillars: “Team, Tools, Process & Feedback” and what he learned from the 120 episodes of the CXChronicles podcast.

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Klaus-M. Schremser

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