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Basic configuration

Before we start to configure the widget, it's important to install it on your website or setup a browser extensions. After you have accomplished that task, open the widget configuration tab in the project settings.

Usersnap feedback widget configuration

Click on the "Change color and features of the widget" button to open a the customization dialog.

Usersnap feedback widget configuration

Show button

You can hide the feedback button on your site. This works best in combination with the shortcut option, or if you use our advanced JavaScript API.

Button text

You can change the copy of the button to our use case. Some examples include "Report a bug", "Send feedback", "Contact ACME, Inc.".

Widget position

The position of the Usersnap feedback button can be set to four different positions, select them by clicking on the gray areas.

Usersnap feedback widget configuration

Widget language

Per default Usersnap detects the browser language of your users. If you want to force the language to fit your own UI, select it in this combo box.

Widget theme

Usersnap supports 15 different color themes to match your CI. Read more about theming.

Enable shortcut + hide tour

The shortcut option is super handy for your testers. Once enabled Usersnap can be started by pressing Ctrl+U (respectively Cmd+U on a Mac).

Per default, Usersnap shows a getting started tour to your users. If you want to hide this, please select the hide tour option.


You can configure which form fields are displayed in the usersnap widget.

  • Title: The title for the screen. Per default Usersnap detects the title automatically from entered text. If you want to specify the ticket title, enable this option.
  • Email: The email field allows you to identify the creator of the screen.
  • Comments: This field adds some space to leave a comment/description to the screen.
  • Assignee: If you work within a team, your users can assign the owner of the screen.

All fields can be marked as required - this means if you want your users to enter an email address, please make it required.

Console recorder

The console recorder adds extensive debug information including JavaScript console and XHR logs to every screen. Read the full console recorder doc here.

Usersnap feedback widget javascript error log

Tool configuration

We have prepared some use case templates (e.g.: Easy Website Feedback, Development and Design Feedback, ...) which select a proper selection of tools automatically.

You can select or deselect the tools by dragging them from top to bottom or vice versa. Get more information about all tools in the next section.

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