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More time understanding users, less time coordinating research.

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Save time on research, all in the same place.

How do we do this? By helping you to:

Manage your panels, from the start.

Optimize your outreach. Get more research participants.

Collect feedback & use it to plan your future projects.

Setup your panel in a snap.

Looking to build on top of your existing panel, and add even more users? Start by importing your CSV easily into Usersnap, and get your research ops rollin’.

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Automatically screen and build your panel.

You can trigger pop-ups when users have completed a task, and intercept them for a rating and qualitative feedback on what they experienced.

More about pop-ups →

Your emails: simplified from hello to thank you.

Send out invitations and follow-ups for your research directly in Usersnap, individually or automatically, based on events and reusable templates.

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statistiics / Usersnap

The tone makes the difference.

Track how your messaging performs, and create your own templates on what works best for your audience. Choose your starting point from our best practices database.

More about statistics →

Incentives a hassle? Square them away here.

Connect with Amazon and add generated vouchers, so that their incentives are squared away effortlessly. Research session complete? Incentive sent automatically. That’s it.

More about incentives →

Keep track of participants & projects.

Know exactly in which research projects users participated, and when you last contacted them. See engagement and click rates for participation, and how many more users you need based on prior projects.

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Take the pulse of your users, and act on it.

Let users give you consistent and quality feedback about their ideas, and have these data points in your hands when deciding on your next project. You can post a link with your research questions to the group of people and have them opt in to participate.

More about collecting feedback →

Make life easier, and connect the tools you ❤️

“Having to bounce back and forth between research ops and the research itself is a struggle. I need to get laser-focused on users and their insights”

Will Perlmutter, UX Researcher, Usersnap
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Features & Pricing

UX Researcher plan


  • CSV import
  • Automatic screening and building
  • Recruitment for interviews
  • Recruitment for surveys
  • Response tracking


  • Trigger-based by event
  • Automatic and manual emails
  • Template builder
  • Performance measuring
  • Incentives sending


  • Interception surveys
  • Rating widgets
  • Feature requests
  • Customer Feedback Board

Collect feedback,
ship better & faster.

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