Examples of Usersnap feedback collectors

User Acceptance Testing

Your client's website is ready to be approved.
Streamline your UAT process with visual feedback and Usersnap

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Quality assurance for your digital product

Your newest product version is ready to be tested by your users or team colleagues.
Streamline your product development QA process with Usersnap

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Collect customer feedback and measure customer satisfaction on your website or web application (star rating). Learn more →
Measure customer engagement on your eCommerce site (thumbs rating) Learn more →
Measure customer engagement on your mobile friendly eCommerce site (thumbs rating) Learn more →

Route your users' feedback requests

Offer different options for your users to get in contact with you and send feedback. Let them give you feedback or submit a bug report. Integrate you customer service chat like Intercom or Helpscout or send your users to your help pages.

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Measure NPS and customer loyalty

Measure customer loyalty via NPS and learn how loyal your customers and application users are.

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See how to trigger feedback

Trigger feedback from your users to get more Learn more →

Feature request

Collect feature requests throughout your web project or at special occasions Learn more →