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Meet the New Personal Lists.

Usersnap Personal Lists Workflow

We've spent the last months building on what we've learned from teams inside the world's smartest startups, agencies and corporations.

The result is an all new project dashboard. It's reimagined, reengineered and ready to power the next generation of web projects. We're calling it Personal Lists.

Here it comes!

More than just an update

We've reengineered almost everything from the ground up for an experience that's stunningly fast, seamless and way more personal — just the way you like it.

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Personal Lists

With personal lists you're now able to modify your projects to your personal needs. 100% personal. Made only for you.

bug tracking workflow bug tracking workflow

With personal lists you can create your own personal project dashboard.

  • Create personal lists for every project.

  • Never lose focus on important screens and bugs ever again.

How to use Personal Lists?

There are so many new ways to use Personal Lists. We've collected a few of them in this blog post.

Personal Lists can easily be arranged side-by-side in order to provide an overview on the most important tasks and screens. Personal Lists can be used by filtering tags, reporters and team members.

Create your personal view with labels, search queries and many more editing options.

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All new Usersnap chrome extension

The all new Usersnap Chrome extension makes bug tracking and collecting feedback easy.

The new Chrome extension gives you full control over screenshots and projects.

Download the Usersnap extension from the Chrome store and add it to your browser.

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