Thinking of making the switch from Mantis bug tracker to Usersnap

Usersnap is a simple Mantis Bug Tracker alternative

Here's why you should consider the Mantis bug tracker alternative from Usersnap. We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some information that’ll help you decide which bug tracker alternative is best for you. You can find some information about Mantis' & Usersnap's features and some thoughts from customers who made the switch from Mantis bug tracker to Usersnap. We hope this helps!

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Why switch from Mantis BT to Usersnap?

With personal lists you're now able to modify your projects to your personal needs. 100% personal. Made only for you.

Why you should think about an alternative to Mantis BT!

mantis bug tracker alternative for web development

Ever brought a customer to using Mantis bug tracker?

The Mantis bug tracker is quite complex and offers some feature-rich interface. For not so tech-savvy people there's not much fun by filing such bug reports.

Filing a bug report could be super-easy

Even for your customers & website visitors! Tracking bugs has never been easier. Even your clients will love it. Creating a bug report takes only one click. With different annotation tools, people mark errors without providing long text descriptions.

mantis bug tracker alternative web development
mantis bug tracker alternative web development

No installation needed

Installing the Mantis bug tracker is quite time-consuming. Downloading Mantis BT and setting up your bug tracker on your local engine not only takes a lot of time, but also requires server resources.

With Usersnap there's no installation needed. Never worry about installation processes again.

How to set up Usersnap - the Mantis BT alternative?


Sign up for Usersnap for free

Sign up for the Mantis BT alternative at and register for free!

sign up for mantis bug tracker alternative


Set up Usersnap

Add the feedback widget to your website or web app and start collecting bug reports. Usersnap is also available as Firefox or Chrome extension.

set up mantis bug tracker alternative


Get bug reports and browser screenshots

You're done. Collect website feedback and bug reports for your web projects with the feedback widget from Usersnap.

Why people use the Usersnap alternative instead of Mantis BT?

Our happy customers

Some of the most amazing companies worldwide track bugs and collect feedback with Usersnap. Every day.

Alexandra De Souza Talkdesk

Alexandra De Souza

Karl Höllriegl Austrian

Karl Höllriegl

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Behnaz Babazadeh

Yunchi Luo Compass

Yunchi Luo

Franz Tretter Runtastic

Franz Tretter

Enzo Pietzsch Jimdo

Enzo Pietzsch

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