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Working with Webflow?

Webflow is awesome. Period.
It's the perfect bridge between developers and designers.

But how do you involve your clients?

Enter Usersnap: Visual Feedback for your Webflow project.

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Redhat - a Usersnap customer
McMillan - a Usersnap customer
Christie's also works with Usersnap
tbk Creative - another happy Usersnap custoer
tableau collects internal feedback with Usersnap
Hawaiian Airlines collects feedback from their customers with Usersnap

Working with your clients feels like herding cats?

Your customers speak a different lingo than your team of designers, developers and project managers. Misunderstandings happen, day in day out. Back-and-forth emails are to resolve issues are tedious and frustrating, right?

Usersnap connects you and your clients in a new way.

a cat with a butterfly on her nose. guess what's happening next.

Happy Clients - More Business.

Usersnap enables your clients to leave feedback right where they experience their new Webflow page: 
in their browser.

An easy to understand Feedback button allow clients to annotate the browser screen. Whenever your clients send feedback, you get a screenshot with annotations sent to the Usersnap dashboard. Of course we'll add meta information such as the browser version, the screen resolution and much more.

This saves a ton of time and your clients will have the opportunity to share feedback and ideas.

Get your Webflow projects approved faster! Start a free trial* today.

(*fully functional, no credit card required. No strings attached. Promised.)

"We’ve observed turnaround times of under 5 minutes when issues are logged with Usersnap. It really is quite astounding that we’ve been able to automate this feedback loop between our clients and development team.”
Andre LeFort
VP Technology, tbk Creative
Andre LeFort - a happy Usersnap customer

Getting started with Usersnap and Webflow is: (drumroll) easy.

Sign up for a Usersnap account (there's a full-featured free trial for 15 days) and copy paste the Usersnap snippet to your webflow project's settings.

You will find a fancy feedback button. Click it! A simple toolbox appears which lets you and your clients annotate the screen, leave remarks or report bugs.

The submitted feedback items will appear in your Usersnap dashboard. Together with a screenshot, you will also get meta information (screen size, etc).

We love to connect to your workflow

No matter what productivity tool you are already using: We're pretty sure we are supporting it. No need to switch, we simply connect to Atlassian Jira, Basecamp, Asana, Github and many more tools.

Installation takes only 5 minutes - you will receive feedback and bug reports that are finally understandable.

Ready to start? (We did mention there's a free trial, didn't we? ;) )

Usersnap connects with Asana
Usersnap connects with Atlassian Jira
Usersnap connects with Basecamp
Intercom is also supported by Usersnap
Usersnap and Github: a great team
Get notifications in slack about incoming any Usersnap feedback
Trello can also be connected with Usersnap
Visual customer care with Usersnap and Zendesk

Show, don't tell.
Usersnap adds a visual feedback loop!