Routing Menu Widget

More Channels for Customer Feedback & Support

The menu widget combines all your smart feedback options. Direct users to easily send issues & suggestions, reach support agents or access documentation pages.
Usersnap Routing Menu Widget
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Navigate customers to the
right feedback category

Give your customers the right feedback tool

Different customer needs. One tool.

The routing menu widget can host multiple Usersnap projects. Select from visual bug reporting, experience rating to feature request forms.

Customers feel more cared for when you offer tailored solutions to their needs.

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Integrate customer care tools seamlessly

Link your customer service app, product documentation or community forum to our routing menu widget without touching complicated codes.

In the project settings simply pick an icon, type in headline and paste the URL or Javascript. Customization as easy as that.

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Integrate customer care tools with Usersnap
Improve customer satisfaction by giving customers a dedicated feedback channel

Celebrate the voice of customers

Now customers can find their preferred way to share feedback. They will love it. And you will get ample insights to track customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience.

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Customer-centricity starts with actionable feedback

Customer-centricity made easy with Usersnap user feedback and insights tool, see case study with DivvyHQ, Canva and Hawaii Airlines

“Listening and hearing our customers has been a priority for us at DivvyHQ out of the gate. Usersnap has made that priority much easier to maintain.”

Tony Stillwell, VP of Customer Experience, DivvyHQ
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