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AUG 25 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

- When you create a new project, you are asked to enter the URL where the widget should be displayed

- Votes & Likes from the product board are added to the export now.

- Project-specific snippet code is hidden in Usersnap. We want to show everyone the benefits of the global snippet code

- Improvements regarding Like/edit/delete comments
-- We added a list of users who upvoted/liked/are watching that is being displayed, when hovering the number
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AUGUST 4 2021

NEW FEATURE - feedback platform

Saving filters
- Create your own search filters in the Usersnap dashboard.. It is now possible to save certain filter criteria as a “Saved list”, to access it easier for future needs.

Saved filters can also be edited or deleted.
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beforeSubmit event

It’s possible now to use the beforeSubmit event known as “beforeSend” from Usersnap Classic, in order to set certain values, as soon as the feedback is submitted.

Possible values that can be set are
- label
- assignee
- visitor
- custom data

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New pricing plan introduced "Premium plan" with 25 projects and 25 users
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Google-Fonts optimized for GDPR-compliancy

JULY 27 2021

NEW FEATURE - feedback platform

More flexible widget form configuration
- Multiple custom fields can be added
- The order of widget fields can be arbitrarily chosen
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Google-Fonts optimized for GDPR-compliancy

JULY 12 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

Additional filters are now provided
- Read/Unread
- Unlabled
- Unassigned
- Sent to integration
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It is now possible to also apply a “not”-filter for labels and assignees
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JULY 7 2021

NEW FEATURES - feedback platform

Edit/delete comments
- A person can edit/delete their own comments/replies in the Usersnap dashboard
- There is a delay of 3 minutes. :) If the message was edited within this timeframe, changes are included in the notification email.
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Yes, you hear right. Finally, you can like comments and replies. How much more fun will collaborations be in the dashboard

Let your customers vote for the newest features! How cool's that?

Voting on feedback items
- It’s now possible to vote on feedback items
- see the number of upvotes on the list
- sort by number of upvotes
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Self-hosted google fonts for the widget - if you want that for enhanced data protection

and improved the search filters with some UI tweaks
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JULY 5 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

Enhancement of the API:
- Allow to set initial values for widget form fields via API

JULY 1 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

Widget composability
- Questions from widget are now also displayed on the feedback’s details screen
- Custom fields were moved from the “More details” popup to the details screen
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Another improvement for you: We improved the dialog to set live a project
- Displaying where the widget will be visible and possible conflicts
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To know where your widgets are displayed and which display rules are applied, we add this dialog for you:
- Overview on which projects are set live and the configured path
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DEC 15 2020

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform



Customizable annotation toolbar - offer various options for annotating screenshots of your browser screen to your users
annotation bar of Usersnap

From now on you can display the toolbar with five annotation options to your users on any feedback widget of the Usersnap feedback platform.

Configure which annotation you can to offer your users. These are the options: Select with highlight, comment on multiple spots, draw with a pen, point with an arrow or hide sensitive information.

Also available for mobile web browsers. Get easily understandable feedback on your UI via mobile phones of your users.