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JUNE 28 2021

New FEATURE - feedback platform

Displays how often the widget was dismissed and submitted
open stats
This update improved our platform from a security perspective. We had another external audit and passed. Smaller issues were immediately fixed.

JUNE 16 2021

New FEATURE - feedback platform

Full page collector is launched. You can send a link to a widget with customized parameters and get ratings via email or other applications. Your users are opening the widget via the feedback button and at the same time you can send the link and request for feedback via email etc. How cool is that? :)
share a feedback link

Further languages are rolled out:
* Romanian
* Croatian
* Hungarian
* Czech
* Slovak

Language improvements: Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Usersnap snippet code (aka global snippet) 
is rolled out to all accounts. Everyone can now benefit from the universal usage of this central snippet code.

JUNE 1 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

Bulk actions added - You can manipulate various feedback items at once. Possible actions are delete, change status, share/send to integration, assign, label, mark read/unread.
annotation bar of Usersnap

MAY 18 2021


Limited access for team members to projects - You can give specific team members (users) access to certain projects or to every team member. Manage your team's permissions within the Usersnap dashboard.
annotation bar of Usersnapannotation bar of Usersnap
Native browser screenshots - In case our DOM-rendered screenshots do not work for a submitting user, e.g.
- annotations are off or
- cross-origin content can’t be captured or
- this page is on localhost or
- resources can’t be accessed

this alternative can be used to take a screenshot.

To enable the feature, an extra parameter has to be passed in the init method of the code snippet. Find out more about that in our HelpCenter.

MAY 4 2021


Guest board makes feedback more transparent - Share access with your clients to collaborate on the new Usersnap Board. Let stakeholders view a project without paying for additional user seat. Adding new feedback or commenting on existing items can be easily done right on the Board.

Improve your collaboration, and celebrate shipping days sooner!
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MAY 2 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

- Exporting of feedback items can be done in CSV and JSON format
- If web pages are printed, the feedback button is removed

APR 27 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

Smaller change for a better UI
- We changed the naming of projects types to make it easier for you to select them
- Links in comments are clickable
- Search field filters are persistent
- Improvement for Zendesk integration: subdomain is detected automatically
- Notification email are sent when item marked as “done”
- Labels are sorted alphabetically
- New time trigger for the widgets: Display once every X days
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APR 19 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

Smaller change for a better UI
- Changed the default language to English (instead of Auto-select)
- Pagination for GitHub integration fixed
- Smaller font size for main list
- Lightbox effect for screenshots and scree recordings
- Assignee field optional on Asana integration

APR 1 2021

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

We are offering a new feedback widget type for rating your employees' coffee experience in your office.

This widget can be easily integrated with your smart-home automation via Zapier with any kinds of smart devices and your colleagues receive a notification to rate their coffee experience after they got their coffee in the office. This widget is included in your current subscription!

Get a trend line on the coffee quality you are offering in your offices. Studies have shown a high significance of the employees' happiness connected with the quality of the coffee in their offices.

Make Feedback Matter.

DEC 15 2020

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform



Customizable annotation toolbar - offer various options for annotating screenshots of your browser screen to your users
annotation bar of Usersnap

From now on you can display the toolbar with five annotation options to your users on any feedback widget of the Usersnap feedback platform.

Configure which annotation you can to offer your users. These are the options: Select with highlight, comment on multiple spots, draw with a pen, point with an arrow or hide sensitive information.

Also available for mobile web browsers. Get easily understandable feedback on your UI via mobile phones of your users.