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DEC 15 2020

IMPROVEMENT - feedback platform

Customizable annotation toolbar - offer various options for annotating screenshots of your browser screen to your users  
annotation bar of Usersnapdashboard of Usersnap - how to configure the annotation bar

From now on you can display the toolbar with five annotation options to your users on any feedback widget of the Usersnap feedback platform.

Configure which annotation you can to offer your users. These are the options: Select with highlight, comment on multiple spots, draw with a pen, point with an arrow or hide sensitive information.

Also available for mobile web browsers. Get easily understandable feedback on your UI via mobile phones of your users.

DEC 14 2020

Improvement - Feedback platform

Notifications - stay on top of every update. Decide when you want to stay informed and when not.
Decide who gets notified
If team members subscribe to a project, they add the project to their inbox and will get notifications on new feedback items. Even, if you are unsubscribed, you get informed if you are mentioned.

See whether you are subscribed or not. Within a project you can add or remove team members from a project to get notified or not.

DEC 14 2020

IMPROVEMENT - Feedback platform

Button positions
Add multiple comments within one screenshot
Place the feedback button on various positions to fit into your web application. Additional button positions: left top, top left, top center, top right, right top, bottom left, bottom center

DEC 07 2020


- Integrations - our prefix is optional now.
- Labels will be passed on with the integrations in the description
- And within the Jira integration the reporter is matched with the Usersnap reporter (if available).

NOV 27 2020


Multi-comment annotation available within the feedback platform projects.
Add multiple comments within one screenshot
Usersnap is well know for its accurate screenshooting technology. Decide whether your users shall give you a single comment or multiple comments within a screenshot.

NOV 23 2020


Native Webhook integration available. Integrate Usersnap with most of your tool stack. Webhook is a generic interface to transfer all feedback data from Usersnap to most other software solutions.

NOV 17 2020


Native Email integration available. Send feedback items automatically or manually to other software solutions like ServiceNow, Jira ServiceDesk, Zendesk or Intercom.
Integrate various customer service solutions via Email integration with UsersnapIntegrate various customer service solutions via Email integration with Usersnap

NOV 11 2020


Native Azure DevOps integration available. Send feedback items automatically or manually Azure DevOps and integrate it into your QA or UAT process.
Integrate Usersnap with Azure DevOpsIntegrate Usersnap with Azure DevOps

NOV 11 2020


Configurable Call-to-Action (CTA) for each feedback widget type.
Use various CTAs for each feedback widget
Configure what should happen after a user submits the feedback. You can redirect to a different page, chain various feedback widget types or execute JavaScript. It gives you the flexibility you want and need.

OCT 30 2020


Native Trello integration
Native Trello integrationNative Trello integration
Integrate Trello into your feedback process.

OCT 22 2020


Multiple improvements and fixes - this time we boosted a bit the UI for you. We reworked the project overview with a live/offline status, displaying the owner of the project. Additionally, we add a new widget preview in the configuration page to give you a live-preview of your configuration changes.

This is a bummer! Feedback reporters can additionally to the solid screenshooting technology add attachments like documents or videos to their issue reporting or feedback submission.

If you need custom data reported with each feedback item like your application version, this can be easily added to each feedback item.
Improved project overviewAdd attachments to each submission

OCT 1 2020


Schedule interviews - one of the time-consuming tasks for product managers and UX researchers are scheduling interviews. This new widget should help you to gather the right users for qualitative interviews.
Schedule user interviews

SEP 29 2020


Some improvements are launched
- Improvement of widget configuration for email field
- Improved UI/UX for “Take screenshot” button
- Improved way to add multiple URLs where widget should be displayed
- Customizable thank you screen
- Trigger improvement, fire widgets after a time delay
Schedule user interviewsSchedule user interviewsChangeable thank you screenTime-triggers for widget

SEP 21 2020


Add disclaimer content to your widgets
Make feedback submitters aware of your privacy rules or what you expect from them. Easy with the disclaimer text.

Add a disclaimer text

SEP 14 2020


Show the feedback widget at the right time. That's important to get the right feedback.

Choose whether your popup should show automaticallyButton positions
Decide whether the widget is opened via a button or automatically by a trigger. Trigger the widget by an event you want to initiate programmatically.

Choose between various positions of the feedback button to not overlay any function of your website or app.

Add an additional custom field like an additional second question or ask for a phone number.

SEP 8 2020


Improved list search filters

List filters
Design update for the search field to make it easier to use with a new order of the filters. You can restrict the time period in the search now.

SEP 2 2020


MS Teams native integration added.
Integrate MS teams and Usersnap
Inform your team via MS Teams whenever a new feedback item comes in.