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Why connect Usersnap to your Gentics Content Management Platform?

Have a central place for your visual feedbacks and bug reports

Usersnap helps you to develop Enterprise websites with a high quality in a short time.

Adding the feedback widget gives your testers the possibility to submit feedback with a screenshot and annotiations. It's collected in one place
Usersnap with features

Get screenshots from colleagues, customers & website visitors

Annotated screenshots attached to every bug report will bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page. Reduce the communication between all stakeholders.

Receive additional and helpful meta-information, such as browser version and screen size, automatically with the  feedback plugin from Usersnap.
Usersnap in action

Combine Enterprise CMS & Portal with visual feedback

Building sites with thousands of pages is an enormous effort and quality assurance is almost a separate project. Make it easy to give feedback to the engineers with out long emails.

Gentics is providing an Enterprise CMS.
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How to set up Usersnap with Gentics?


Register for a Usersnap account.

Get your Usersnap account
and set up your first Usersnap project.

Use the Gentics DEV Tool Package for Usersnap.

Just include the Gentics DEV Tool Package to your templates.

Try it here.

Connect Usersnap to your Gentics Portal website.

Start sending feedback from your website.

TwEEts about usersnap + Integrations

Addthis - a happy customer for many years

"We love how easy it was to install Usersnap in our product. Getting visual feedback has eliminated confusion and streamlined our QA process."

Behnaz Babazadeh

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Build better products with the help of user feedback

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