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Upload screens & images

Nearly every web project starts with graphical mock ups. Upload mockup screens to the Usersnap dashboard to discuss them with your team.

Upload screens & images to the usersnap dashboard

Adding an image is as easy as pie in the Usersnap dashboard:

Drag and Drop

The most common way to add a new screen. Drag a file to your browser window and drop it. That's it, after that the file will be uploaded in the background and you can start drawing and commenting!

Browse your computer

Click on "My Computer" to browse and select local files. Right after selecting the upload starts and you can start annotating.

Paste from clipboard

The most convenient method to upload a screenshot! Create a screenshot to your clipboard:

Paste the image (Ctrl + V , ⌘ + V) in the project screen to create a new screen.

Regardless which option you'll choose, the annotation screen will appear and you can draw and comment on the uploaded image:

Annotate screens & images to the usersnap dashboard

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