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Manage Usersnap screens

Individual screen

In the screen view, you can open or close the screen using the check mark on the left side. You can choose the reporter and assignee as well as add labels for the screen. You can also download the image or choose to delete it from your project.

Batch actions

In your project's list view, you can choose to apply one of several actions on a batch of screens.

  • Close screen
  • Reopen Screen
  • Send to integration
  • Change reporter
  • Assign screen
  • Add/remove labels
  • Delete screen

Personal Lists

With the Usersnap Persnal List, you can create your own list using filters and search queries. Learn more about Personal Lists here.

Organize Labels

In the 'Organize Your Labels' tab of your project's settings, you can add or delete labels used for your project's screens. You can also change and assign colors for your labels.

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