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Create your first project

All screens are organized in projects within the Usersnap dashboard.

After signup you will be prompted to enter the name of your first project. You can start a new project either by uploading a new mockup or installing the Usersnap JavaScript widget to your page. For your first project, the example screen gets you started quickly.

All options to create a screen are:

  • Upload a screen from your computer ("My Computer" button)
  • Drag and drop a screen into your browser
  • Paste a screen from your clipboard (Yes, that works!)
  • Install the feedback widget on your website
  • Use one of our browser extensions

Once you've added a screen by one of the methods above, you'll see the annotation view.

bug tracking project

Add remarks to the uploaded screen now. For example, in our demo screen the headline is overflowing and needs some rework.

Switch the different tools in the header. When you are ready, click on the "Done" button.

bug tracking project usersnap

You will be redirected to the viewer where you can see your recently annotated screen!

bug tracking project usersnap help

All information about your screen will be shown here. Please note, that you can get even more information attached to a screen with our widget and browser extensions.

  • Image Size
  • Creator
  • Comment timeline
  • Browser version (widget + extension only)
  • Screen resolution (widget + extension only)
  • URL (widget + extension only)
  • Plugin list (widget + extension only)
  • Additional user information (widget + extension only)
  • JavaScript errors + XHR logs (widget only)

Now you can start working on other screens.

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