Survey Fatigue

How to ask for feedback without tiring out your customers

We have all been there: After booking a vacation, a flight, or buying a new bike we get an email asking us for feedback. Companies want to know how they are doing.

Essentially, they want to know:

How did we do? What can we improve? Will you come back?

Once someone has become a customer, companies are afraid of losing them. That’s where feedback comes in.

Asking customers how things essentially does three things:

1) it shows you, how happy a customer was and how likely they are to come back
2) it helps you improve your product or make up for a bad experience
3) it makes clear that you care about your customer

Feedback can help you improve your product so that you can deliver a great customer experience. The challenge is: how to ask for feedback without tiring out your customers with lenghty forms and surveys. Or in other words: How do you avoid survey fatigue?

How are companies asking for feedback?

Companies have found many ways to ask their users for feedback, but the most popular one seems to be still surveys.

This is how Virgin America asks their customers for feedback:

customer satisfaction survey

Virgin America has 54 (!) questions to ask you about your experience traveling with them.

Here is another example of how Target is asking its customers for feedback:

customer satisfaction survey

Survey Fatigue

Response and engagement rates of surveys like these are extremely low.

This is anything but surprising: it takes a lot of time and effort for users to fill out a survey like this. Survey fatigue is a very real phenomenon due to two things:

1) More and more companies are eager to get feedback from their customers, which also means that users are receiving more requests. With every request the response rate decreases. And

2) most surveys are way too long, so users get bored in the middle of taking a survey and churn.

With surveys still being a prominent medium to gather feedback, there are lots of tips out there on how to minimize survey fatigue, but the reality is that most surveys take too long and users are not seeing the value in taking them.

Most of the times, surveys are not only tedious, but customers don’t see the purpose of why they should give feedback. They don’t think companies will do anything with their feedback.

customer satisfaction survey florian dorfbauer

Feedback is not just a nice-to-have, it’s essential for growth

According to the “Understanding customers” study by Ruby Newell-Legner, a typical business only hears back from 4% of its dissatisfied customers.

4 percent!

customer satisfaction survey

While 4 percent have taken the time to actually get in touch, the other 96% of dissatisfied customers have remained silent. And this silence is very likely to turn into a churn later on.

customer satisfaction survey

What does this mean?

You are not only losing customers, you are also losing the opportunity to improve your product, resulting in a downward spiral.

Feedback and a high engagement rate is absolutely important when you are operating digital products and want to improve your products so they fit your customers’ needs.

donald porter vp of british airways

Making feedback fun for everyone

“What if you could make giving feedback fun for your users?” - that is what Hawaiian Airlines asked before they became our customers.

They are using Usersnap to get feedback from their customers and they are turning giving feedback into a fun experience.

How? Let’s have a look.

Here is Hawaiian Airlines main landing page. They embedded our feedback widget on their site allowing customers to give easy and instant feedback.

A click on the Usersnap Feedback button opens the widget:

customer satisfaction survey fatigue

With our click-and-drawing tools, users can directly annotate the browser. They can leave written feedback as well.

Another advantage of this approach is this: If you ask questions you are guiding your users into a specific direction. With our open approach you give them a chance to tell you what it is they care about. In other words: You are not telling them what they should care about, but you are having a chance to get feedback from someone experiencing your product for the first time and with a fresh mind.

Processing feedback just got easier

Customer frustration is at an all-time high, when customers feel their messages are not read and their voices not heard. With our visual feedback solution, processing feedback was never easier.

Written text accompanies visual feedback that is immediately understandable for project managers.

“Visual communication is 60.000 times faster than text.”

Leaving Feedback is easy and fun for your customers.

customer satisfaction survey fatigue

Survey fatigue is real. Utilize customer feedback instead.

While traditional surveys provide low engagement and response rates from customers, easy-to-use visual feedback tools are a great way to utilize customer requests, ideas and general feedback.

Feedback matters. If you want to learn more how you can use Usersnap in your company to collect valuable feedback from your customers, book a free demo with us now.

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