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Everything you need to bring your enterprise on board.

Custom integration with webhooks

With webhooks you can send Usersnap screenshots & tickets to your own infrastructure. Simply use our HTTP-Push API. Visual annotated screenshots attached to every bug report will bring designers and developers on the same page. Usersnap sends bug reports as MIME multipart file-upload to your URL.

custom webhooks integrations
custom SLA bug tracking

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

With your success in mind, we offer SLAs that are crafted according to your company's needs.

Whitelabel solution

With a client-side whitelabel solution you're able to create custom UX and deeply integrate Usersnap in your product.
Customized to fit on your website or web application, you’ll feel like it’s always been there. You'll love our whitelabeling solutions.

whitelabel bug tracking solution

Who else is using Usersnap?

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