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The Usersnap widget is a tool which can be used by developers, designers and end users.

To support all different needs, we have developed different tools.

In the Usersnap widget configurator, you can change the tools which appear when you click the Usersnap button.

Usersnap feedback widget tools


The comment tool is the most popular tool. It combines the features of a note tool with a highlight tool. You mark a specific area and enter the description of the problem right there.

Usersnap feedback widget comments


Marking issues freehand is the strength of the pen tool. Select different colors and sizes to draw on the screen.

Usersnap feedback widget pen


The highlight tool is the recommended way to mark an area on the screen.

Usersnap feedback widget highlight


Most of the time a note will be used in combination with a highlight. This tool is similar to place sticky notes on a piece of paper. Select different colors of your sticky note!

Usersnap feedback widget note


Hide private information on the screen (e.g. account data) with our blackout tool.

Usersnap feedback widget blackout


Point to specific elements with the arrow. Select different colors to make everything clear.

Usersnap feedback widget arrow

Pixel ruler

Web developers and designers love the pixel ruler to point out specific layout issues.

Usersnap feedback widget pixel ruler

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