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Widget Colors and Features

It's easy to fit your corporate identity with Usersnap. Our pre-defined themes are easy to select and adapt to your page's design.

Click on 'Change color and features of the widget' to customize your Usersnap widget.

widget customization usersnap

Configure Usersnap Button

You can choose to show or hide the Usersnap button. You can also change the text on the Usersnap button.

widget usersnap

Widget Position

You can choose the position for your Usersnap widget from the four pre-defined positions available.

widget position usersnap

Widget Language

The Usersnap Widget is available in 30 different languages.

widget language customization

Widget Theme

Choose one of the 13 available widget themes to customize your Usersnap widget's look and feel.

widget theme usersnap

Disable/Enable Shortcut and Show/Hide Usersnap Tour

You can choose to enable the keyboard shortcut for the Usersnap widget.

Enable or disable the Usersnap widget tour for your users.

Disable/Enable Console Recorder

The Usersnap Console Recorder can be turned on or off for your Usersnap widget. You can find more info on the console recorder here.

usersnap console log recorder

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