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Connecting Usersnap with Slack

Usersnap can notify your Slack channels if something new happens in your Usersnap project. To connect your project to a Slack channel, please follow these instructions:

Set up Notification to Slack

Go to the Notifications Tab of your project's General Settings, open the settings for Slack and click on 'Connect to Slack'.

Enter your team's Slack domain and sign into your Slack account. Click 'continu'e and 'authorize' Usersnap to connect to your chosen slack domain.

Choose the Target channel to which Usersnap will post your notifications. You can also choose which events should trigger a notification.
Click on 'Activate'.

If the connection is successful, you will see the Slack 'active' button in green.

Click 'Save'and start receiving Slack notifications for updates to your Usersnap project.

Deactivate Notification to Slack

You can disconnect from Slack by simply clicking on ‘Deactivate’ in the Slack settings.

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