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Connecting Usersnap with HipChat

Usersnap can notify your HipChat rooms if something new happened in your Usersnap project. To connect your project to a HipChat room, please follow these instructions:

Gather a room token

First, go to your HipChat room settings and choose the room you want to receive project notifications to. Then open the 'Tokens' section and create a new token:

Copy the created token to your clipboard and go to the Usersnap dashboard.

Setup notification

Now open the notifications tab in the project settings and open the settings for HipChat:

Paste the token from HipChat to the token field and hit 'Test & Activate' to send a test notification to HipChat. If this succeeds, you will see a green check and the HipChat notification is activated. Note that you need to save the project settings to take effect.

You can now choose which events should trigger a notification by turning them on or off. You can even deactivate notifications again by hitting the 'Deactivate' button.

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