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Project Settings

You can access your project settings by clicking on the gear symbol on the upper right corner of the project tile in your Usersnap dashboard.

project view usersnap

You can also access your project settings by clicking on the gear symbol on the upper right corner of your project's list view.

list view usersnap

General Settings

In the 'General Settings' tab you can configure your current project.

settings usersnap

Project Title

Edit or change the title of your Usersnap project.

title settings usersnap

Customer Care Settings

You can enable the Usersnap Customer Care feature on your project here.

customer care usersnap

Access Settings

If you are already working with a team, you can configure and limit the access settings for a project and give access only to specific team members. You can also change the project ownership and select a default assignee for new screens.

access settings usersnap

Project API Key

The project API key is an unique identifier for each Usersnap project. You will need this when you use our browser extensions. For some 3rd party plugins, you will need to copy this project API key into the corresponding settings dialog.

api key usersnap

Delete Project

You can choose to delete a project and you will be asked to confirm before you are allowed to delete your project. Please note that Usersnap cannot recover your project after it has been deleted.

delete projects usersnap

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