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Project Settings

Access the project settings via the gear symbol, in the right corner of the project tile.

Usersnap project settings

The project settings are divided into four different tabs:

  • General Settings
  • Widget Configuration
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Notifications
  • Follow the links to learn more about the Usersnap settings.

    General Settings

    In the "General Settings" tab you can configure your current project.

    Usersnap project settings general

    Project Settings

    In this section you can change the title of the current project.

    Usersnap project settings general

    Access Settings

    Keep in mind that the access settings can only be configured if you already have a team. Once you have created a team, you can add new project members if they are part of your team. In this section you can delegate the project ownership to a team member or select a default assignee of new screens.

    Limit access for team members

    When the 'limit access for team members' control is disabled every member of your team has access to this project. Enable 'limit access for team members' control to restrict access to team members listed in the selection box.

    Usersnap advanced settings

    Project API Key

    The project API key is an unique identifier for each Usersnap project. If you use our browser extensions or other 3rd party plugins, you have to copy this project API key into the corresponding settings dialog.

    Usersnap project settings API

    Delete Project

    Deleting a project cannot be undone, therefore you need to confirm before you are allowed to delete your project. Please note that we can't recover your project after it has been deleted.

    Usersnap project settings deletion

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