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Usersnap Customer Care Feature

With the Customer Care feature from Usersnap, available with the Usersnap Company Plan, you can enhance your customer support & communication with browser screenshots.

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Communicate with customers, website visitors or external guests

With the Usersnap Customer Care feature, there is no need for your external clients or website visitors to have a Usersnap account of their own.
You can communicate, via Email from within your Usersnap dashboard, with external clients, website visitors or any user who sent you a feedback or bug report.

How to activate the customer care feature?

Step 1: Activate the Usersnap Customer Care Feature in your project settings.

Once you've activated the customer care feature, you can communicate with any external customer or website visitor who sent you a screenshot with the Usersnap widget.

Step 2: Reply to feedback sent by your external customers.

By clicking on "Send Email to customer", your comment will be sent via Email to your external customer. The customer will receive an email containing the same conversation you see in your Usersnap dashboard.

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Only messages sent to the customer can be viewed by the customer. Any internal comments stays in the Usersnap dashboard.

Step 3: Your customer receives your comment via Email.

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Your customer or website visitor can now reply to your Email directly from his inbox. Any email response sent by the customer will show up in your Usersnap dashboard.

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