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Usersnap for Customer Care

With the Customer Care features from Usersnap you can enhance your customer support & communication with browser screenshots. Here's everything you need to know to get started with Usersnap's customer care features.

Communicate with customers, website visitors or external guests

There's no need that your external clients or website visitors need a Usersnap account of their own. You can now communicate with external clients, website visitors or anyone who sent you a screenshot with the Usersnap widget.

How to activate customer care features?

Step 1: Activate customer care in your project settings

Once you activated the customer care features from Usersnap in your project settings you can communicate with any external guest who sent you a screenshot with the Usersnap widget.

Step 2: Send comments to external customers

By activating "Send Email to customer", your comment in the Usersnap dashboard will be sent via Email to your external customer. Your customer then will receive an email containing the same conversation as in the Usersnap dashboard. Please note that all internal communication will never leave your company.

Step 3: Your external customer receives your comment via Email

Your customer or website visitor can now replies to this email directly from his inbox. Her email response is saved in the Usersnap dashboard.

How to enable Customer Care?

The all-new customer care feature is available at the Company plan.

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